10 Myths about Hormone Replacement Therapy


For millions of people, the effects of aging can be devastating. Night sweats, mood swings, weight fluctuations and libido issues can range from mild to debilitating. Different treatment options exist, but few people understand the true benefits of BHRT. HWC of Texas believes that bioidentical HRT can work for men and women who are going through difficult physical and emotional symptoms associated with aging, and we offer a wide range of unique programs to address individual problems. We want consumers to be aware of some important misconceptions surrounding bioidentical HRT as well as the truth behind the myths.


Myth #1: Hormone replacement therapy isn’t safe.

Despite what consumers may be led to believe, this industry is just as regulated as the pharmaceutical industry that administers synthetic hormone treatments. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which works even better with a person’s biological structure is safer alternative to synthetic hormones.


Myth #2: You can get cancer from hormone replacement treatments.

Improper hormone levels can wreak havoc on a person’s system if that person already suffers from certain cancers, but bio-identical HRT does not cause cancer. The cancers most susceptible to hormone fluctuations include breast, endometrial and uterine in women, and testicular or prostate cancer in men. People with these conditions should monitor their hormone levels closely. For healthy adults, bio-identical HRT may help to reduce the risk of cancer by balancing natural hormone levels.


Myth #3: Bio-Identical hormone treatments lead to blood clots.

The blood clots myth began when HRT was first developed, and it stems from the fact that early treatments were not individualized. Today’s HRT treatments do not pose a risk for developing blood clots to most people because they have been customized to address individual hormone levels and functioning. In fact, the advancements in bio-identical HRT allow women in particular to enjoy a healthier post-menopausal stage due to the balance of estrogen, which mitigates the risk of developing coronary artery disease. Blood clots are due to synthetic hormones, not BHRT.


Myth #4: BHRT only addresses symptoms when they’re present.

The key to alleviating peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopausal symptoms is to regulate hormones continuously. Bio-identical hormone therapy mimics natural biological functions, which help to keep hormone levels consistent even when people aren’t experiencing active symptoms. By keeping hormone levels in check, patients reduce the risk of suffering from long-term issues and can prevent unpleasant side effects.


Myth #5: Bioidentical HRT only works for naturally induced menopause.

Whether for preventive or treatment measures, women undergo procedures in which doctors medically induce menopause. The myth is that medically induced menopause must be treated with synthetic options, but this isn’t the case. Regardless of how a woman’s menopause begins, bioidentical HRT can address common symptoms and give relief by balancing hormones.


Myth #6: After menopause, there’s no reason to continue HRT.

Hormonal imbalance can continue even after the larger biological changes take place. Bio-identical hormone treatments work to prevent long-term side effects of menopause by mimicking and regulating hormone production. Women who might otherwise experience post-menopausal symptoms would benefit from customized HRT treatments.


Myth #7: Only women benefit from bio-identical HRT.

Men can also reap the benefits of bio-identical HRT if they suffer from low testosterone or “low T.” This condition leads to symptoms such as fatigue, weight fluctuations and loss of sex drive. By regulating their hormones through bio-identical HRT, men can regain their natural testosterone levels and enjoy better quality of life.


Myth #8: Hormone replacement treatments won’t address weight issues.

Doctors often tell women that maintaining a healthy weight will be challenging once menopause begins and that there’s nothing they can do about it. HRT balances hormones, which help to increase a woman’s natural energy and give her more vigor for life. As a result, women who undergo bio-identical HRT may enjoy a healthier waistline and better muscle definition.


Myth #9: Synthetic hormone treatments work better because they’re real.

Consumers have been told that synthetic treatment options work better because they have been created by scientists and tested more rigorously than bio-identical treatments. While synthetics work for many patients, bio-identical HRT can be a better and more natural alternative to chemically created products. In fact, bio-identical hormones are made from natural sources such as plants, and they work by mimicking the body’s natural hormone production.


Myth #10: All HRT treatments act the same.

One of the primary advantages of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is that is addresses a person’s specific needs. Unlike many synthetics, which take a one-size-fits-all approach to treating age-related symptoms, HRT treatments are tailored to meet the unique hormonal balance of an individual. At HWC of Texas, we work with people on a customized basis in order to create a treatment plan that addresses their concerns. Hormone replacement therapy can alleviate the natural symptoms of aging.