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    • 12 DEC 19
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    What Foods Reduce Testosterone?

    What Foods Reduce Testosterone By: Jon Johnson  May 15, 2019 (Medical News Today) – Some foods, including soy, dairy, and specific fats, may lower testosterone levels in the body. However, a person can also increase testosterone levels naturally, by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthful weight. The food a person eats can affect many aspects

    • 11 MAR 18
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    The truth about synthetic hormones and bio identical hormones

    The medical community has been resistant to acknowledge the truth about synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones. The biggest misconceptions have centered around the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), initiated in 1991, which showed an increase in cancer incidence, cardiovascular issues, blood clots and stroke with taking Premarin and Provera. These are both synthetic hormones, not Bioidentical

    • 21 NOV 17
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    Menopause: How can Hormone Therapy Help you?

    Although the average age of menopause onset is between 50-53, and the most severe symptoms often last for two to three years, there are no exact age when a woman reaches menopause or the duration of her symptoms. Contributors to the onset and duration of menopause would be family history, health history and a history

    • 12 OCT 13
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    Low Libido? Hormone Imbalances Could Be to Blame

    There are 3 important “sex” hormones—testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. The testes produce a lot of testosterone and a little progesterone and estrogen. The ovaries produce a lot of estrogen and progesterone and some testosterone. We should say, the above is true when we are younger. At age 30 both men and women start producing less testosterone. Many