Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) means that the chemical makeup of the replacement hormone is exactly the same as what the human body produces. The ideal substances for hormone replacement therapy are readily available. Bio-identical plant derived hormones have been safely prescribed by European physicians for over 50 years. These natural hormones are almost entirely without the side effects of the synthetic or semi-synthetic HRT drugs which do not allow a person to produce the full range of other hormones which are needed for the body to function at full potential.

Unfortunately, many doctors are unaware of these natural bio-identical hormones. Since natural hormones can not be patented, physicians receive little information on bio-identical estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Both men and women are no longer willing to accept the risks associated with synthetic hormones, and are searching for safer alternatives  New research is continually emerging. Over two million women are now benefiting from “plant derived bio identical” estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

BHRT For Women

Symptoms of hormone deficiencies may include hot flashes, nights sweats, sleep disturbances, mood swings, weight gain, vaginal dryness, migraines, palpitations and osteoporosis. As women age, hormone levels are depleted and directly impacted by childbirth and menopause. Depression and anxiety are common indicators that there is a lack of or imbalance of estrogen.

Hormone Health will treat the actual cause of your symptoms and restore depleted hormone levels. Your hot flashes will be reduced and possibly eliminated. You will experience weight loss, improved elasticity of your skin, enhanced sex drive and more energy. Also, your risk for osteoporosis and heart disease may be reduced.

BHRT For Men

Men experience an annual decline in their hormone levels beginning in their mid 20s. Andropause, often referred to as male menopause, is a result of low testosterone levels throughout the body. Symptoms of this condition include a decrease in strength and endurance; a lack of energy and drive; a noticeable decrease in your sex drive; less frequent/strong erections; and feelings of depression.

Hormone Health will improve your hormone levels ~ guaranteed! A regular treatment will restore the optimal level that you experienced in your prime, and not just the levels for a middle-aged or senior man. Live better as our bio-natural product increases your energy and strength; improves your sexual performance; reduces body fat and encourages muscle tone; and protects your overall wellness.