Meet the Doctor

Dr. Khym Zarzuela’s Biography

Khym B. Zarzuela, D.O. is an AARM Practitioner who has embraced the principals of Anti-Aging Medicine into his practice of whole patient wellness. In addition to his experience in primary care and urgent care, Dr. Zarzuela also has a special interest in treating women and men in all stages of their lives with the goal of being a vibrant, balanced and healthy lifestyle using balanced hormones. Dr. Zarzuela and the staff at HWC of Texas strive to enhance their patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Zarzuela completed his residency in Family Medicine at Western Reserve Care System in Youngstown, Ohio. Before his residency, he worked in several laboratories in Dallas, TX developing a feel for the lab tests he would use a physician.

He has also worked as a medical technologist at Parkland hospital and St. Paul Hospital in Dallas. He finished medical school at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Zarzuela has been practicing family medicine and urgent care since 1994 in the Central/South Texas area including San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels and Floresville. In late 2010, he was introduced to the benefits of anti-aging medicine involving hormonal replacement and the satisfaction it brought his patients.

This was at the time when more and more patients were beginning to understand the recent research pointed out the dangers of synthetic hormones and the benefits of certain supplements to optimize one’s health and wellbeing.

He has also seen firsthand, the detrimental effects of indiscriminate use of antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, etc. impact on the individuals’ general health and wellbeing. Dr. Zarzuela felt confident that a healthy state can be attained just by balancing the body’s major hormones, the use of certain supplements, proper and optimal nutrition and regular exercise totaling up to a healthy lifestyle.

Today, men and women of all ages are being subjected to an inordinate amount of stress through all stages of their life. These stressors may include: societal pressures, the physical and financially difficult child bearing years, then later a stressful peri-menopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal years.

Proper evaluation starts by dedicating time to listen and understand each patient’s story. Dr. Zarzuela believes that laboratory and medical testing can only provide a one dimensional picture of the patient. In order to understand feelings concerns and symptoms, doctors need to dedicate time and be understanding to the patients’ problems.

Dr. Zarzuela has learned the incredible benefits in the appropriate use of bio identical hormones and natural supplements. He finds that most of his patients are able to decrease the use or even stop using multiple medications, are able to lose weight, sleep better, and recover their sexual drive as well as regaining healthy relationships.

With the help of his staff and nurses at both the San Antonio and Austin HWC offices, Dr. Zarzuela is determined to create a supportive environment in which he provides a compassionate level of care for his patients. His mission is to help patients by empowering them to cherish and honor themselves so they can live their lives to the fullest. He accomplishes this by guiding them through a journey with natural, bio identical hormones and a healthy life balance.

Certifications & Organizations

– A4M Board Certification and active member

– Mesotherapy Certification with Dr. Roman Chubaty

– Member of Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine